I Love you cookies

Yippie! My tv programs are off of their holiday break!

In my opinion they really didn't need a break. I didn't get one....and my life is certainly a lot happier when I have my tv programs to watch.

Seriously, this entire time of "their break" I lost out on quality education.

I didn't get to finish up my medical education (Grey's Anatomy)

I didn't learn how to be the perfect housewife (Desperate Housewives) ....by the way, Bree is my idol!

I forgot useful tips on WHAT NOT TO DO if I so choose to murder someone. (CSI Las Vegas & Miami)

And I really wanted to brush up on what to do if I ever encounter an Original (Vampire Diaries)

and I forgot how funny it was when someone JUST GOT LICKED (Lizard Licked)

See....life isn't the same without your television programs. Keep in mind I have to record EVERYTHING on the DVR because EVERY television in the house is being taken over by someone else.

I know these people were taught how to SHARE......because ummmm DUH I'm the mother of them...well all but one....and He's married to me and not seeing me make pouty faces should be enough for him to share the tv, but apparently it's not. Video games win.

I'd even be happy if he was a football watching husband because well, I LOVE to watch the Saints play, but no I can watch him slay dragons, the undead, and many other weird idontevenknowwhattheyare things.  Real educational stuff.

See my programs are educational (see above list) and theirs are not! So why is it that I get less tv time than anyone? Go figure. It is what it is. At least I have you guys to talk to.....and my cookies.

I love them, even if they are all greedy.

So....I made them I love you cookies. In different languages.

Hey, I gotta teach them something. Apparently they didn't get the "sharing" lesson.