Taxi Cab Cookie

I went to New York City once as a child. I hardly remember it. We were just passing through on our drive to Canada. Yes, for some reason my mother thought it would be great fun to drive to Canada.....from New Orleans! 

Four kids.....two adults.....crammed in a little car. Let's just say the drive was not so fun. 

We did have a great time in Canada though and all the stops along the way. My mother always did know how to plan a vacation. 

Now that I'm all grown up, I really do want to take a trip to NYC. I'm dying to see Wicked. 

I had the opportunity to make some NYC Themed cookies a while back.  Since I never had a taxi cutter, I hand cut each and every one. That was a cramp. I contacted Tracy from Whisked Away Cutters and had her make make me two custom cutters from my designs.  All I had to do was submit the designs to her and she handled the rest. She was great to work with and got the cutter made and sent to me very quickly! Did I mention how much I love her cutters?? I may have a time or two lol. 

These cookies have been a big hit so I thought I'd share with you how to make one of my favorites from the set.  

First you'll need:

  • Royal icing (light blue, white, black, yellow, grey)
  • Taxi cab cookie cutter (If you don't have one, you can find the one I designed here)
  • Baked and cooled taxi cookies
  • piping bags and couplers
  • #2 tip
  • #1.5 PME tip for details


1. Outline and fill windows with light blue icing, let dry. 

2. Outline taxi in yellow piping icing. 

3. Fill in yellow sections of taxi with 20 second yellow icing. Work in sections, allowing each section to dry 30 min before filling in the sections right next to the one you just did. 

4. Next, outline the tire with black piping icing. Then fill, leaving a small circle in the center. 

5. Fill in grey sections of tires. Add a bumper and fender with grey icing. Allow to dry. 

6. Fill in white headlight, taxi sign on top of the taxi, and add two little accent lines on the window. 

7.  Add tiny dots with grey piping icing on the tire rims. Use a PME 1.5 tip.

8. To make the checkered print down the side of the taxi, just add small black squares with black piping icing.  Be sure to leave a space for the white squares. Allow to dry for 30-40 minutes, longer if you have bleeding issues. 

9. Add the white squares.

10. Add Taxi with black piping icing, using a PME 1.5 tip. Icing consistency is very important. As you can see from the picture above, my icing was a little too watery. 

11. Add details in yellow with yellow piping icing and a PME 1.5 tip. Paint on silver luster dust. Let the cookie dry completely.

These Taxi cab cookies will be a huge hit at your next event. You can serve them alone or pair them up with some other NYC themed cookies!

I'm really loving my new custom cutters. Check back soon and I'll show you the other custom cookie cutter I got! 




How to Make Gold Royal Icing

Let's talk about luster dust.

There may come a time in your cookie decorating adventures, when you want to give your cookies a metallic appearance. You know you need Luster Dust, but.....which one do you buy?

There are so many to choose from. Most are labeled non-toxic meaning they are not intended for consumption and then there are one or two brands that are edible. Those babies aren't cheap so you really don't want to purchase something that you may or may not like. 

Because I'm such a sweet person,  I bought a few different brands and shades to try out.

You're welcome!

I started with a tan base (Shown below). Then applied two coats of luster dust, allowing it to dry in between coats. 

1. Sterling Pearl Super Gold. This can be purchased here

2. Edible Hybrid Luster Dust. This is an edible luster dust. You can purchase this here

3. Wilton Gold Pearl Dust. You can find this at most local Walmarts. 

4. Next we have Egyptian Gold. It's my most used Gold luster dust. It can be purchased here.

5. Last but not least we have Highlighter Gold. It gives the best metallic finish. I'm not sure if it's considered a luster dust or not but I've included it.  It can be purchased here

There are many more shades of gold luster dust that can be purchased. Experiment and find which gold you like best. Now, I'm off to sample luster dusts in Sliver!

To see cookies decorated with gold luster dust, check out the links below.

*Luster dust needs to be mixed with a liquid.  Different liquids will yield different results. Curious on which liquid will work best? SweetAmbs experimented with different liquids a while back and talked all about her findings. You can read about that here. If you prefer not to use alcohol you can see alternatives here

 **My go to liquid for mixing luster dust is Bacardi 151. The alcohol evaporates fast, leaving less pitting and leaving more of a shine. 

***Luster dust is considered non-toxic as lipstick and play dough are non-toxic. It is not an edible product. There are a few edible luster dust on the market. If you prefer to use an edible one, the one listed above is a good choice. 

****All of the products used were purchased by myself.  The opinions given are my own and I was not paid or compensated to give these opinions.