Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Apparently I'm a big air head.  Seriously my head must be up in the clouds somewhere.

First I numbered wrong on my blog giveaway......

Then I did a Sunday Facebook Shout out....ON A SATURDAY...oh yeah that was me....maybe it will up my talk about numbers (just a thought)

And then tonight when my husband was on Staff duty all night.....yeah AGAIN....I was watching a show on the DVR from a few weeks ago and a severe weather alert comes on.

I PANIC....I get all OMG the weathers gonna be bad and I'm home alone with no husband.....UMMM HELLO IT'S A RECORDING FROM WEEKS AGO.

I looked like an idiot, my teenage daughter laughs at me and I just know she is now texting all her friends about my stupidity. Yeah her 15,000 a month text messages are mostly about something stupid I did or about her being mad at some injustice I've done to her.

Yep that's my life around here.....cookies and jokes about mom.

At least the cookies won't make fun of me.

This weekend I got off on a Reindeer kick.  I don't know what came over me but Rudolph was on the brain. I knew when I bought the ornament cutters from

Fancy Flours

I was going to make many different cookies with them.  If

Sweet Sugarbelle

has taught me one thing, it's been to think outside the box when it comes to your cookie cutters. I mean seriously have you seen the creativity that girl has?

I wanted to come up with other creative ways to make Rudolph. Not everyone is obsessed with cookie cutters like I am and may not have these ornament cutters.

 So, I wanted to make a few with more common shapes. Some cutters that most cookiers are likely to a heart, gingerbread girl, and a bone that I modified before baking. Then show you how I made them.

These were really so easy to make there isn't a need for a tutorial.....BUT.....For those who like a step by step visual, I'm gonna walk you through the process. After all I needed a good excuse to use the

My Memories Suite

software that one of my readers will receive in

my giveaway


Here are the steps and a cute use of the Scrapbooking software.

Be sure to let the icing dry a few hours in between steps.