300 Facebook likes Giveaway

I can't believe I've hit 300 facebook fans.  I never thought that would happen.

Less than two months ago I started this journey.

I was a lonely housewife with five kids.   Those of you who have kids know that you give them your all.  After that, there isn't much left for yourself.   Not much time for anything.

I've always been big on cooking, after all I'm from New Orleans.   Emeril Lagasse is my idol, my favorite chef by far.

I never saw myself baking.  It just wasn't my thing.....Unless it was a box of brownies or cake mix.  Baking was for my mom.  She didn't cake/cookie decorate, but she made some delicious desserts from scratch.

I dabbled a bit with baking when we were stationed in Germany.  One Wilton cake decorating class and I was hooked on cake decorating.  A few cakes and cupcakes later and I kind of stopped.  New babies sort of consumed my time.

After returning to Louisiana, my husband deployed.....again.

When his Aunt S sent out an email with bra and pantie cookies, I knew I just had to make them for my husband and the other deployed soldiers.

Took a look at the picture, found a recipe for cookies online and began the cookie process.  I used the Wilton royal icing recipe at that time.

The cookies were a hit with the soldiers.....why wouldn't they....they were lingerie....they've been looking at camouflage for months.

Everyone loved my cookies.

Then my youngest daughter had her first birthday and I took a hand at using fondant. It went well.

Next was my three year old was having a  birthday and she wanted a Tangled cake....I could not disappoint her, so I took my first try at a rice crispy tower on a cake....after all Cake Boss can do it right? Why not me.

Family and friends told me I should sell my cakes, but we are always our biggest critics.

I made two repeats of my bra and pantie cookies for an order and got the same thing.....you need to sell these. Still.....no faith here.

I stumbled upon 

The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle's


Bake at 350's

 blog pages.  Their cookies were so inspiring.  They are always very encouraging of their readers to take a try at baking.....so I did.

I made a few of Sugarbelle's designs and they came out great. She was my biggest inspiration.

Then there was the humorous blogger 

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen's

 blog. I felt like she was talking about me....a lot.  Everyone loves hearing her stories.....so she was the inspiration for starting a blog.

I owe these woman a lot.  SO they are the inspiration behind this giveaway.

The hardback cupcake book and cupcake bites represents the Cookbook Queen.

The cookie cutters represent Sugarbelle and Bake at 350.  If it wasn't for their inspiration I would have never started this blog or all this cookie-ing. Thank you ladies.  It gives me so much to look forward to each day.

Enough of me babbling......I do that a lot.....

On to the GIVEAWAY

1. To enter you must first be a follower of my blog.

2. leave a message below telling me who has been an inspiration in your life.

3. Include your email so I can contact the winner.

Winner will be chosen by Random.org

I will accept entries until October 15th 8pm Central daylight time.

Good luck to all my readers. Without you this blog would not exist as well.

*This giveaway is not sponsored in any way. All items were purchased by myself. I do not endorse any of the items*

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~