Valentine Heart Cookies

Ok......let's talk about spiders. Yes SPIDERS.  I'm so afraid of spiders it isn't funny.

I'm constantly looking out for those eight legged creatures.

Well last night I'm in the shower getting ready to wash my hair and  I give the shower a look over for spiders......a few times.

 NONE.....this is always a GREAT thing.

Then it comes time to pick up my scrunchy body washy know what I'm talking about,  and you have some crazy name for it too.

ANYWAY, it occurs to me that a big spider could be nestled up in that sucker somewhere.

NO was spider free.

However, I'm becoming more aware that I've got a spider problem. I swear it must have taken me fifteen more minutes to take a shower because of my mad spider search.

No, Seriously I lost fifteen whole minutes of my dull life looking for spiders when I could have used that fifteen minutes to cookie.....or finally fold that laundry. But I did my search always.

And yes......I shake out the towel before using it. There could be one of those nasty things in their hiding...waiting to pounce on me.

I've got major issues. I admit it. That's the first step right?


Alrighty, lets get on with the cookies. That's really what you're here for and not to hear me babble about my psychological issues.

So happy sweet love thoughts right?

Thoughts of Love, Hearts, roses.....Valentine's Day cookies.