Jingles....The Elf on the Shelf

As if my kids didn't get into enough trouble on there own, Jingles came to our house a few days ago.  Jingles is our

Elf on the Shelf

. He comes every Christmas. It's such a cute family tradition.

I'm sure y'all have seen people posting pictures of their Elf on the Shelf on Facebook.  He's Santa's little helper that comes to our house every Christmas to keep an eye on the children. He goes back to see Santa every night to report on their behavior. The next morning his location has changed.

Problem is......

Whose gonna watch him?

Jingles gets into more trouble than the kids could.

Well the other night Jingles thought he'd get into my baking supplies. Oh Yeah......Death to the Elf!

But then when I saw the cute cookie he made, I wasn't so upset with him anymore.  Now he's a little bit full of himself because he made a cookie of HIMSELF. But hey, it's all good.......because he picked up all his mess too. YEAH for Jingles!

How do you like his little piping bag? Pretty cute huh?

Ok so I just thought I would share Jingles and his cookie. This is exactly how my little cookie monster found him.

How could I get mad at him? He can cookie!

*Disclaimer: No sprinkles were harmed in the making of this*