Let the Cauldron BUBBLE......

My three year old is going to be a witch this year for Halloween. As always I will be making their costumes. TuTu's all the way.....girls are fun.

Well we found a cute, realistic looking broom and she begged for it.  So we did as any parents do and we did what the child wanted.  After all she is three and her cries are LOUD. 

We left the store with the broom and you know she wanted to hold it....so once again, we did as she requested.  Well for you parents out there, you should know that giving your child what he or she ask for does not always guarantee the absence of LOUD crying.

The tears began....and crying and talking do not mix. 

We don't speak cry as my husband would say. This child cried for what seemed like an eternity.  Realistically it may have been two minutes, but it truly seemed like forever.

After calming the spoiled child down, we could finally understand her. 

"My broom is broke, daddy.  It's not working.  It won't fly" she said in her saddest voice ever....including big puppy dog eyes (these along with tears only work on daddies)

Daddy quickly replied, "Call you're I-Ya (grandma) and borrow hers. She's got plenty".

She did just that too. She called her I-ya.

I-ya would not loan out her broom.....she said it was her busy season and needed it. 

although I-ya wouldn't loan out the broom,

the child was happy and the world was good again.

I-ya's fix everything!

Since my mother-in-law claims to have her costume on year round and brooms on standby at a moments notice (her words NOT mine), 

I thought why not make some witch themed cookies 

for her and those she wishes to cast spells upon at work. 

Every witch needs a cauldron, so cauldron cookies was what I made.

I did warn her that black cookies turn your mouth black....she was NOT the least bit concerned. 

She's so easy to please.......I wonder if she cast a spell on me to say that?

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~