I am so excited to say some of our boys are home!

It was with great pleasure that I made these cookies. I've been very busy with these so I haven't had much time to blog.

When soldiers come home they are greeted by many loved ones, given welcome home parties and such. For the single soldier it's very different. They go back to the barracks. Our FRG (family readiness group) does a great job getting together welcome home baskets for our single soldiers. I wanted to be a part of this.

No way was I missing out on making some one's homecoming special.

I was on a mission to find a good cookie to do for them. After doing the 9/11 memorial cookies for a week I didn't want to see any more red, white and blue....not for a bit anyway.

I didn't want anything too complicated or time consuming, after all I needed 200 of these.

Callye, of Sweet Sugarbell's

 had made some camouflage cookies a few months back so I searched her blog and found them!

After following her tutorial and the cookies were dry, I added HOOAH to my cookies......HOOAH.......the Army's word for everything and anything. It means anything.....except "no".

You can learn how to make these 


 Allow cookies to dry overnight before adding wording.

Then I printed out HOOAH and used the

the push pin trick

....my handwriting isn't steady, especially with the insane amounts of coffee I consume. Just lay the print out on the cookie and use a push pin to mark the letters. Then connect the dots with the royal icing.

Welcome Home Soldiers!

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~


Ten years ago today America was changed forever. Our hearts were broken.

Terrorists came into our country and destroyed lives. They had no regard for the lives they took. They thought they would crush us....they thought it would make us weaker, but HATE never wins! It only made us STRONGER!

AMERICA will always stand TALL, stand PROUD......and AMERICA will always have HONOR!

Brave men and women went into those buildings to save lives.....to search for survivors. They didn't think about anything but saving others. True HEROES....Honestly, hero doesn't even begin to describe them.

There will never be a day that goes by that I don't remember what happened.

Unlike the terrorist, I will never let HATE consume my heart.  I will treat others with LOVE, RESPECT, and KINDNESS.

Today let us remember those lives that were lost. Let us remember to always have LOVE , RESPECT, and KINDNESS in our hearts.


They are FALLEN.....but NOT FORGOTTEN!


To make a 9-11 Remembrance cookie......

Make pentagon shaped cookies and let cool. I cut mine out by hand.

Next use a stencil to draw out the design on the cookie with a food marker. I use 

Wilton food writers

Then outline your cookie with black royal icing. I also outlined the white and blue parts (shown below)

Then I filled in the white areas, let dry about an hour. Then I did the red, blue and black.  If your colors have bleeding issues wait until each color dries about an hour before filling in the next.

Then with a #2 tip outline around all areas with black royal icing. With a #2 tip write REMEMBER in white royal icing under the twin towers as shown below.

Let dry. 

Hope you all enjoyed my ten days in memory of 9-11

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~