Pink Cupcakes for the Cookbook Queen

These cupcakes are fit for a Queen.

The Cookbook Queen!

Today is Kristan's birthday. You may know her from her very funny blog,  Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. 

Like many of you, I've read her blog just about every morning for quite some time now.  She always has us laughing at her funny stories.

I mean she's so cool and popular she's even been cookied!

Not only is her blog completely entertaining, it's educational.

No,  really it is.

She's taught us how to PROPERLY text.....I mean they should teach this stuff in school but they don't so her blog is the place to learn these things!

She's taught us that it's completly normal to want to know every detail of our children's life....YES, We're not alone. And shows us that are children will grow up to be just like us. A reality playground show?....I think her son's a GENIUS......people would so watch that! Wouldn't you?

And we can even use her blog to our advantage when our husband's want to pick out the next movie we're going to see at the theater.  I mean this is very helpful information!

So what do you do for someone so talented and funny on their birthday?

You have an online BIRTHDAY PARTY! DUH!

A few of us got together and wanted to do something special for your birthday Kristan!

So my contribution are PINK SPARKLY CUPCAKES! I've not met you in person, but I hear you really do sparkle!

Kinda sucks I couldn't mail you these cupcakes, but if you're ever down in New's LUNCH on me!

So, Hop on over to the other blogs to see what special surprises everyone made for you. I've linked up to their blogs below. We all hope you have a very special birthday!

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