Hungry Hungry Hippo Cookies

I wake up this morning to post my blog. You know, the one I was up late last night writing. Yeah, that one. The one that only had a single period saved.


It's a bloggers nightmare.  So here I am sitting at my computer, starting all over again. For the record, my memory isn't as good as it was ten years ago. So, for me, this is going to take twice as long to remember what I was talking with you about.

Christmas...that's right it was about Christmas presents.

Can you believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving?  It seems like things move along way too fast. I feel like it was just it's time to shop for Christmas presents.

If you have kids and they're anything like mine, they ask for a million different things.  Most of which I try to have show up under the tree.

Well Little Mrs. Bieber (that's my four year old who thinks she is going to marry Justin) is constantly adding to her list.  The list is extremely long.  Normally no biggie.  She hasn't hit me up for a pony yet, which I would totally find a way to fit into the garage. (Please don't tell her that)

She ask for things I can make happen.  Her normal list includes a Barbie or two,  My Little Pony, etc.

Well as she was telling me her NEVER ENDING list, she came to the last item.

A HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO GAME! I said WHAT? I pretended it would go away and be removed from her mind.  I know she's probably thinking what's the big deal with that game that mommy's having heart palpitations.

So I look at her and I did what I never do, I told her No.  She looked up with her big brown eyes and asked why, just like all children do.  The truth......I've gotta tell her the truth. The game is too darn noisy.  Everyone's trying to get the marbles (choking hazard) so fast that it makes a bunch of noise and marbles go EVERYWHERE.

She looks at me and replies "Cool!"

For the record, she still isn't getting the game BUT,  I did make her some Hungry Hungry Hippo cookies. That's what a nice mom does. They were a total hit and she's given up on the game. Mostly because she loves her momma and doesn't want me having a mental breakdown from noisy games or a broken hip from slipping on a marble.

Cookies always make her smile.

Lets get to how I made the cookies. I didn't have a cutter to make the hippos, so I had to improvise.

Sweet Sugarbelle

made some

giraffe cookies

a while back and I thought it would work perfect for hippos. I used a oval and a carrot like she did for one of her giraffes but, I stretched out the carrot a bit wider and trimmed off the scalloped top of my carrot for the hippo.

Below is a step by step on how to make the hippo cookies.

1. Locate your oval and carrot cookie cutter. Stretch out the carrot cutter a bit wider.

2. Cut the carrot and oval cookies out of your dough, then piece together.

3. Outline your cookies

4. Fill in top section of hippo and allow to dry for about an hour

5. Fill in the ears and the bottom section. Allow them to dry for 3-4 hours.

6. Add eyes, eyebrows, and nostrils. Let dry.

**You can add some white circle cookies for marbles like I did. These you won't trip on and break a hip.