Slade's Birth

I'm sure many of you have wondered where the heck I've been. Well a lot happened during the birth of my baby.  It was one of those times when things just didn't go according to plan.

On September 18th I went in for my scheduled c-section. I delivered a baby boy weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz and 21.5 inches......this was my biggest baby believe it or not.

 Isn't he a cutie?

He had a little trouble breathing and went to the nursery for a few hours. No biggie. All was well and they brought him back to me later that evening. 

All of my other angels stopped by to meet their new baby brother. I really make cute babies don't I? I don't mean to brag, but they are all so adorable. I now have four girls and two boys. 

Eva is 2 1/2

Phoebe is 4

Paige is 13

Rebekka is 16

         Morgan is 19

The picture above is my son thanking Jesus for FINALLY giving him a brother. Having four sisters can't be easy on him. 

No really....can you imagine how he feels?

I on the other hand was not well. I was bleeding way to heavy and after a bit the doctor knew surgical measures had to be taken. After a D&C the bleeding still was not under control and I had lost a lot of blood. The doctor rushed to speak with my husband and informed him a hysterectomy had to be done in order to save my life. The surgery was done. I was in the ICU for a little over a day and was given 5 units of blood and a few units of platelets. 

I went home a few days later to recover. 

When I first got back I lost all interest in everything.....even cookie decorating. That was hard to believe. But after a while and a few hormone adjustments later I'm back and feeling like my old self again. 

I'm finally able to move around the house pain free and enjoy life again.  My new baby boy is such a joy and I spend most of my day just holding him and enjoying what a blessing he is.

This weekend I actually got back in the kitchen and made cookies! I was so excited.....I was like a kid on Christmas morning. It's the little things in life right? 

So expect to see some cute cookies this week. 

For now you can look at my cute baby boy. Isn't he adorable? He is now six weeks old and growing way too fast. They really do grow up too fast. 

Can someone work on a way to make time stand still? If anyone does, please let me know. I'd love to stop time. 

Slade is 3 weeks old here