We're having a.......


I'm so excited to tell you we are having a boy!

Slade Jaxon Marrs

I have one son and four daughters. Do you know how many years of pink that is? Don't get me wrong, I love pink. It's my favorite color....BUT it's been almost nineteen years since I've had a son and we are over the moon excited. 

I'm ready for dinosaurs, trains, and one of my favorite things to do with my son was bring him to T-ball practice. 

Since I love baseball for little boys, I thought it would be so cute to make baseball rattles. Here's how you make them.

1. Bake rattle cookies and let cool.

                                                    2. With a #2 tip and white royal icing, outline the cookie and let dry

               3. After outline has dried, flood cookie with thinned white royal icing. Let dry overnight.

4. With a #2 tip and red royal icing add details to cookie. Let dry a few hours. 

Only seven weeks left and the baby will be here! I almost can't wait, except I kinda have no choice. The baby pretty much calls the shots right now. 

So I have to wait....and wait...and wait. 

I'll use all this waiting time to bake cookies and share them with you. 

Sound good?