Breast Cancer cookies


This is not a subject I wish to even bring up. 

I HATE cancer. 

It's the one thing I would give up every possession I own, if it meant finding a cure. 

Cancer has taken away so many family members on my mothers side.

If they passed away, it was from cancer. 


Each family member had a different type of cancer....

None were the same (that I'm aware of).

I've only known one person in my family have breast cancer, 

and that was my Aunt.

She was my godmother and very dear to me.

It was the one person I could tell everything to.

She was always there for me.

I'm not sure how old she was when she had breast cancer, but I know she had one breast removed.

Sadly, she died when I was a teenager. 

This was my first experience with a death in the family and I took it pretty hard.

She was everything to me.

We have so many fond memories of her.

We would go to her home every year for Thanksgiving. 

My aunt would have ALL of my favorite finger foods and snacks.

There were so many great memories.

Many of you are faced with breast cancer every day.

I wish there was a way I could ease your pain.

Most of all I wish for a cure. 

Since October is breast cancer awareness month I made some breast cancer cookies.

Please do not take insult to my designs.

I meant no disrespect.

I'm aware it's a touchy subject and some are offended by such "boobie" related slogans.

Sincerely, I mean no disrespect and just want to raise awareness.

Please be sure to have a breast exam every could save your life.

Also there's a great site called

Frosting For The Cause

. I'll be guest posting there at the end of November. Please check their site out.  Each day a blogger guest post on their site sharing something they baked and a personal story about cancer. Please give these bloggers your support.

They are frosting for the cause.