Ballerina dreams.....

Here they are......My ballerina tu tu cookies. This is my first attempt at making ruffles. Aren't these the cutest little girlie cookies?  Pink, ruffles and glitter.....what could be better?

When my two oldest daughters were little I made all of their Halloween costumes.

One year I made them ballerina costumes. They were so excited. We even set up a little photo shoot. It was fun and just something we always did......we played a lot.

This is one of my favorite pictures of them in these costumes.  This picture was taken during a time when they just loved each other so much, and NEVER got into a fight.

Now it's she did this and she did that....typical teenager stuff.  They share a room, which I am sure doesn't help.

When I found this cookie cutter from

Copper Gifts

, I had to get it.  It's item


 (I altered my cookie before I put it in the oven)

It reminded me so much of my four daughters, who all have a love of dancing....and just being girls.

I've been wanting to try making ruffles on a cookie for a while. This was the perfect opportunity.  It is my first attempt and certainly not perfected yet, but I will continue to practice until it's just the way I want it.....I'm a bit OCD.

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~