Sleeping Baby Face Cookies

Let's talk about babies. 

I just can't get enough of my little man. He is so stinking cute.  I swear by the time he is a year old he is going to be so sick of kisses from me.  I think I kiss him like a million times a day.  Really, it's that much.

It doesn't help that I'm his favorite person in the whole wide world.

Really, he told me himself this morning. He said mom, you're my favorite. It was totally in baby language, but I understand cooing perfectly clear.  My husband will try to argue this with me because he thinks he's the baby's favorite person but, he's wrong. 

He's wrong A LOT!

Since I'm his favorite person I have to hold him all the time. This is why my photographs are still dark. I haven't unpacked my cookie room stuff yet. Therefore my lights are still packed.  It's a good reason to not be done....right? 

Hold adorable baby or unpack cookie room? Hmmm that's a tough one.

Maybe I could have my husband unpack because he's NOT the favorite parent so he has more time to do things. Sounds good.

So now that you know why my pictures are looking less than acceptable, we can move on and decorate cookies. 

Cute, sleeping baby face cookies. These are pretty simple to make.  You can do the hats in any color you'd like. I went with blue and green because I'm all into boy stuff right now. 

1. With a #2 tip outline hat with blue royal icing.

2. fill and let dry

3. Add details to hat with a #1 tip and green royal icing. 

With a #2 tip outline bottom half of cookie with flesh colored royal icing for the baby's face.

 4. fill in baby's face with flesh royal icing and let dry

 5. Outline baby's hat, add facial details and add a circle for pacifier. Let dry.

 6. Add small dot of icing on top of pacifier. Let cookie dry.

Now that we are finish decorating cookies, I can go back to holding the baby. Can't you see what a distraction he is?